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Hey there, I am E.A. Midnight or Emma Arlington Midnight, a neurodivergent artist specializing in multi-modal, cross-genre hybridities. I prefer to allow each piece I create to perform on the page in the way it needs to, rather than adhere to traditionality within my work. I strongly believe in challenging the boxes creative bodies are put in.


While I began my higher-educational endeavors focusing on creative writing at Warren Wilson College, I eventually changed majors [and schools] and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Sociology from SUNY Binghamton University in 2008. Over the years I have worked in many varied career fields, including Government Data Collection and Research, Physical Fitness and Sports Management, and Information Technologies. In 2017, I decided to pursue creative writing on an academic level once again, and received the Goddard/PEN North American Scholarship Award to attend Goddard College's prestigious MFA program. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, with a focus on Hybrid Writing, Memoir, and Poetry, from Goddard College in 2019. My chapbook manuscript, mundane objects, will be published by Dancing Girl Press in early 2024. Please see the Creative Portfolio page for a comprehensive look at my creative work publications. I've been serving as an Editor for the literary project, The Champagne Room since 2021, and as an Editorial Assistant for Inverted Syntax, an art and literary journal since April 2023. 


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On a personal note, I reside between the prairie wilds and the mountain winds of Colorado with my beloved dogs and my cherished family. I spend my free time reading, wandering around with my camera, running mountain trails, and rock climbing. My newest fixation: river snorkeling.

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Photo taken on 35mm film by my husband, R. M-M.

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