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August 2021

Inflections Magazine
"the landscape of the alpine"

“the landscape of the alpine – voyage two and three” are two hybrid poems that blend 35mm film photography with text to evoke that sensation that the wilderness holds something deeper. Something each person must seek and find on their own. Each 'voyage' traverses areas in the alpine, all above 10,000ft, where beauty is ample, even teeming, but simultaneously deep danger and defeat lay in wait. Through each trip the narrator is navigating her own internal dangers, her mental illness brewing in the subtext, while recognizing that these wild spaces are also where she feels the most safe inside her skin.

May 2020

Ghost Heart Literary Journal
"rumination three"

"rumination three" is a look at the complications of communication at dusk. The photograph of a house dilapidated by time speaks to how we related to others over years of disintegrating emotion, while in the poem, a narrator is telling you how to behave while simultaneously offering themselves up for the feast. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

March 2020

Polemical Zine: Issue 12
"[we have our most important conversations on the way home]"

This hybrid photograph-poem is about when the love part of a relationship begins you find yourself torn, how to show your new partner what you want to, what you need to, while also remembering that you are your past experiences. The life we have led, the loves we have felt guide us forward toward and through the new ones. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

March 2020

Polemical Zine: Issue 12

This hybrid photograph-poem is an intimate look inside the nighttime mind as it navigates, learns to trust, and grows through the experience of loving another. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

September 2019

Aurora Poetry: Vol 2

"Counter" is about the emotional undertow created when things go unsaid during tense times between lovers. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

June 2019

The Champagne Room Journal

"Point-and-Shoot" is a hybrid piece done as a sequence of Polaroid-poems about the evolution of an abusive relationship. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

May 2018

The Pitkin Review
"Dear Arizona" &

"Dear Arizona" is about falling in love with more than just a person, but their lineage and spacial history.
"Echoes" is about mental illness and making the same emotional choices over and over in relation to a failing/dangerous relationship. Published under the name: Emma Arlington M.

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landscape of the interior

In life, most of us are seeking and searching for “home.” Home, of course, means a great deal of things to a great many people at different periods in their life. This manuscript is a hybrid text/photography/art project that explores the development of a woman traversing a series of landscapes: expectations, cities and buildings, people, and the untended wilds of nature, searching for something that resembles that fluctuating idea of home. This work plays with the space of the page and conventional story-telling mechanisms to relay to the reader the mental illness/mental health journey of the narrator as she works toward finding a cyclical kind of self-acceptance in the nest of her mind. By meshing, and in some cases mashing, imagery and words together, this work creates a landscape itself where the reader is able to walk alongside the narrator through the hills and hollers this project navigates. Each of us are never just one thing, but a conglomeration of our history, the expectations of others and ourselves, the places we lived and our dreams, and this manuscript echoes that same experience, holding so many components of a life on its thin pages. 

This manuscript is complete and available for publication.

Note: landscape of the interior was longlisted for the Dzanc Books 2021 Nonfiction Prize. 

Raise High The Roof Beam.jpg

the short story project

I am working on a short story collection born from the fireplace. The perceived magic of flame as it devours both log and air, the smoke careening into space before dissipating from view. So often the world around us takes on a mystical texture, and we find ourselves questioning what is real and what isn't. The stories in this collection explore the depths of human emotion, allowing both narrator/character and reader to experience the gutting that the mental spirals from the unknown can create.

This project is in progress.

The Space Above and In Between.jpg

On The Steep : a collection

I am working on a collection of poems that are focused in the alpine and outside areas where I run and climb, mostly above 10,000 ft. I ruminate on what it means to be alive and stay alive as a mentally different body in such, often, inhospitable spaces [which is speaking as much to the internal as the external]. 

This project is in progress.


The House of M:M

This chapbook was inspired by conversations between lovers. The things said / left out / texted / answered / fulfilled / worn away / held dear. This work efforts to capture the full breadth of a relationship; the tumultuous but breath-taking beginning, the process of discovery, the narrator's challenges navigating living with her mental illness and sharing that and her needs with her partner, the cyclical working through of issues, and ultimately what goes into the decision to stay. The pages of this work are burnt because when writing about the coming together of two humans there is a flame from ember component that we cannot ignore, even when it sometimes sears our flesh.

This chapbook manuscript is complete and available for publication.


generations - family project

I am currently working on a project that blends two lives, that of a father and a daughter, to tell the story of family and friendship through a unique lens. It covers the complexities of parenting, growing up through divorced households, going from parent to friend, shared traumas, and growing old while also growing closer. This work blurs the lines of genre by using interviews and narrative story-scape to give the reader a comprehensive look at two people while they navigate the world together. 

This project is in progress. 


The Living Room, The Dying Room

“The Living Room, The Dying Room” blends prose-fiction, poetry, and snippets of the author’s photography to showcase the slow degradation of a body, a mind, and a household that is centered around a young girl and a golden elk. This chapbook meshes, and in some cases mashes, imagery and words together creating little deaths within the main character that slowly bubble to the surface of her being. It chases across the topography of mysticism and harsh realities, ethereal connection and tremendous violence, until coming home to roost in an unexpected space.  

This chapbook manuscript is complete and available for publication


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