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October 2022

New Note Poetry Magazine:
Autumn 2022
(Digital Issue)

mundane objects: brunch

“mundane object: brunch” processes the inversion of emotion through a short window of time as the narrator goes to brunch with their lover and watches that person shift and change in front of them. The text moves the way a body does while playing witness to things we can’t control; it squirms, it tries to escape, it attempts to flip flop away from feelings and fears. 

July 2022

Poetry Northwest: Volume XVII, Issue 1-Summer & Fall 2022

Winner of the PNW Presenting series, Chosen by Senior Edior, Xavier Cavazos

mundane objects: the evening walk

"mundane objects: the evening walk” is, in short, a cacophony. This poem explores the fissures in the mind when the stress of living a neurodivergent life during a pandemic wears the narrator thin. Juggling the potential future of a parent with cognitive issues and her own mental pathway complications, the narrator leads the reader through something that seems as simple as an evening walk is anything but. The space of this poem is interrupted constantly by gray matter, as the brain of someone with cognitive issues – whether from aging or mental illness – is similarly marred. This poem is about the grief of continual [and unavoidable] loss, and the strange texture of reality when backed up against the fluid expanse of our minds.

July 2022

The Food Store Diaries: Hunger

On The Run Fiction

“The Food Diaries: Hunger” performs as the memory of a fracture. In this piece, the two main characters, a young man and woman, share a moment while picking out semi-prepared food in a grocery store. While they both are there at the counter together, the two could not be further apart, a fissure that builds through the text chronicling both desire and defeat. Through this short piece, the main female character is hungering, but not for just the simplicity of skin, but something deeper, to fit into something/someone, to belong while retaining the independence which makes her feel important. With her final words, the piece just ends, dropping off into the oblivion of so many quiet, unseen lives. 

April 2022

Landing Zone Magazine: 2021 Novel Excerpt Contest
1st Place Winner

Chapter from The Living Room, The Dying Room

This excerpt from my in-progress novel, The Living Room, The Dying Room, blends prose-fiction, poetry, and snippets of my photography to showcase the slow degradation of a body, a mind, and a household that is centered around a young girl and a golden elk. This chapter meshes, and in some cases mashes, imagery and words together creating little deaths within the main character that slowly bubble to the surface of her being. It chases across the topography of mysticism and harsh realities, ethereal connection and tremendous violence, until coming home to roost in an unexpected space.  

March 2022

Heavy Feather Review: Haunted Passages Series

mundane objects: the therapist's office

“mundane objects: the therapist’s office” is a detailed description of the mundane object of falling into a kind of ruin and the questions surrounding salvation. The narrator paints the room of her therapist’s office, and the building in which the therapy center is housed, for the reader. But it isn’t as simple as just a room, just a building, just a space in decay. The poem itself calls into question the value of oneself as a mentally different/mentally ill person, the subtle fears lurking around every wall bend, and the ultimate question of what is worth being saved both inside and outside of the self. 

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In INTERIOR, the narrator traverses and explores fluctuating landscapes, searching for something that resembles harmony and solace within her mind, as one who lives with a complicated list of mental disorders. This work offers a unique perspective, which challenges the typical structure of a memoir narrative by blending free-form poetic prose, photography, and art to include the reader on a journey home. By playing with the space of the page, evolving personal pronouns throughout the narrator’s journey, and using poetry as storytelling, the reader is given space to accompany the mental illness/mental health journey of the narrator. Through this manuscript, the narrator builds on some lessons, while having to learn others again and again. Her interactions within the mental-medical community leave her constantly trying to fix her fissures until ultimately, she recognizes and confronts the stigmas, and challenges the very definition of what is considered “sane.” INTERIOR is an exploration and an intimate examination of what home looks like within a neurodivergent mind. With intersections of expectations, cities and buildings, people, and the untended wilds of nature, the search for safety leads the reader into their own discoveries and conclusions, asking, where is your home? How do you find it?


This manuscript is complete and available for publication.

Note: This manuscript was longlisted for the Dzanc Books 2021 Nonfiction Prize. Additionally, several of the pieces from this manuscript have been published and can be read or purchased in the list of publications above. 

Burial Plot_Garden Plot.jpg

Pretend I Always Looked Like This

This hybrid poetry-photography-art collection is a curation of items that span the deep arc of a body as it experiences the [often] gutting nature of connection, and the fruitful space of learning the cyclical natures of the self. As the narrator grows through the space of the work, so do the pieces becoming more and more reflective on ideas of identity and holding a tender space for all the elements of who you were, are, and will become. This work performs as poetry, while being imbued with the tactile textures of 35mm film photography and acrylic paint; this combination, the hybridization of poetics, film, and art, invites the reader deeper into the catacombs of a life. The use of these multiple mediums hopes to articulate a way that anyone can enter the space of the work, and come through the reading of it a little fuller than when they started. For all things, even a body of literature, are more than just one thing, echoing the burial and bloom cycle we all must pass through. 

This manuscript is complete and available for publication.


The Food Store Diaries 

The Food Store Diaries is a collection of story-essays which focus on the combination of our messy internal spaces and the hard and solid place of the grocery store. Each piece investigates questions of identity, planes of existence, gender and sex, and neurodivergence. The steady setting of a supermarket brimming with options often provides ample space for contemplation and, sometimes, revelation. 

This project is in progress, but you can read one of the stories within this work on On The Run Fiction

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