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While writing might be the first love of my life, it is followed closely by the opportunity to edit the work of others. Editing is a sacred act of entrusting your work to another, and I would be honored to share in that experience with you. I have spent decades working with writers, business professionals, and companies to help curate their projects and turn out the best work possible. If you are interested in how I can help you with your editing needs, please click the link below.



My background with creative writing is primarily based in my deep love of mixed media work or the hybrid genre. Through hybrid writing and incorporating different artistic endeavors into my work, I found a passion for film photography. I shoot almost exclusively on 35mm film. If you are interested in finding out more, please click the link below.


Teaching others has been a passion of mine since my childhood. Through the years and a vast array of experiences, I have taught a variety of subjects and disciplines. I believe the greatest joy a teacher can have is to give their students all the tools necessary to excel and succeed, and then watching them do so. If you are interested in learning opportunities, please click the link below.


Web Design & Consultaion

When I began to curate my own website, I realized a deep passion for the creative design skills needed to develop a unique web-presence. Since then, I have worked with several individuals, as well as companies, to help them go from vision to reality when it came to their website needs. I am excited to offer this additional service for anyone looking to amplify their personal achievements and endeavors, as well as create or consult on making an organization's site clean, appealing, and powerful. If you are interested in more, click the link below.

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Andrea Sz.

E.A. Midnight has edited and helped me revise writing I've done in professional, academic, and personal contexts. Her feedback is clear and constructive, and she's always willing to give me several ideas for edits so that the final product reflects the tone I would like to convey. Her vocabulary is incredibly vast, and she can easily put herself in the reader's shoes. Her assistance has proven to be a reliable go-to for me whenever I feel uncertain about my writing.

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