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General Creative Editing

short and/or long form // any genre

Services I can provide on creative work:​

  • line editing or micro edits: this service is to improve the tempo and tone of your work, as well as cut out un-needed excess.

  • copyediting or structural editing: these are the big picture edits to help you find and develop the plot and arc of your narrative, as well as restructure work for continuity and clarity. 

  • proofreading: this is a technical edit focused primarily on grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation in a work. 

  • final review: this is a last look with an editor's fine tuned eye to evaluate a work before the author submits it.

Starting at $55/hr – 1 hr minimum

[contact me for more info or for special rates for multiple block time]

Professional Writing / Editing

 non-creative, professional services

With 15+ years in the business world, I have provided my detail oriented, editing and writing skills for companies in the fields of IT and network security, government contracts, and outdoor gear.


Now you can hire me to help you personally with all of your professional writing and editing needs. The services I can provide are as follows (but not limited to):

  • drafting and/or editing the perfect cover letter and/or ​revamping and reviewing your resume for hire-ability,

  • editing and/or creating work contracts, agreements, and other long form business documentation,

  • comprehensive editing and review of you or your company's website, including design and layout guidance (experienced with site builders: Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace).

Starting at $30 for 30min - 1/2 hr minimum

[contact me for more info or for special rates for multiple block time]


Manuscript & Large Project Work

from conceptualization to final curation

Have a concept that you are looking for help developing? Or have a manuscript that feels stalled? Do you want big picture, hands-on assistance on your writing project?

For this type of service, I bring my experience and passion for project planning, seeing the macro and micro of a creative work, and cooperative collaboration to help you develop and advance your narrative. We will work on initial ideas, creative work-throughs, structural evolution, arc and narrative development, trimming out excess, and​ content evaluation to make sure your creative project develops​ into the vision you have for it. Your writing is part of you and this service will allow writer and editor to work hand-in-hand to achieve your creative desires. 

This service is typically done in multi-session blocks.

Starting at $85/hr

[please contact me for more info]

One-on-One Development

education and mentoring

While I have been a writer for longer than I can remember, having the opportunity to teach others will always hold a treasured space in my heart. I have a wide breadth of teaching experience and have worked extensively with writers to help them grow and hone their craft. I find that while having an editor is a necessary part of being a writer, learning how to edit (your and other's work) and be edited is just as important to the process. 

One-on-One development can be a singular session or several to help you develop your writing and editing skills, and grow into the fullest version of your writer self. 

I am additionally available for hire to teach literary craft and editing technique courses to group and large classes in online sessions, as well as available for consulting and help developing writing and editing groups/workshops. For information about my teaching qualifications, head over to my Teaching page. 

Starting at $75/hr 

[please contact me for more info]

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Thanks for reaching out! I reply to all inquires within 1-2 business days.

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