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mundane objects

Forthcoming early 2024 from Dancing Girl Press

mundane objects traces a capture, a polaroid snap of time as it moves through and away from itself. In this work, the narrator, and by extension the reader, experiences a series of day in and day out moments in a world forever changed and overrun by a pandemic. The basicness of the “objects” operate as placeholders for the unraveling and then recreation of the narrator that is palpable for the reader. Each poem performs through the space of the work, building and inviting the reader deeper and deeper into what it means to survive, and then finally, to thrive. By meshing, and in some cases mashing, imagery and words together, this work creates a path where the reader is able to walk alongside the narrator through the hills and hollers of neurodivergence.  mundane objects endeavors to provide a kind of insight on loneliness, disconnection, and the grip of mental illness as we flow through uncertain and chaotic times. This text echoes the burial and bloom cycle we all must pass through to live a life, full.

*Several of these poems have been published by various journals and magazines. Please see my Poetry Publications section to view these.

Full Length Books

Full Length Books

Hopefully, coming soon! See my projects page for completed and in progress work.

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